Kehilangan merupakan sebahagian daripada kehidupan. Tiada siapa yang akan dapat apa yang mereka inginkan melainkan, mereka hilang apa yang mereka inginkan :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

So, hi again! I'm back in the house! I'm home now. Until 15July. Got cuti for Nuzul Quran. So, like the title "Salam Ramadhan al- Mubarak" I just want to say Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends. In this blessful month, let us make some good deeds to got more pahala aye? For examp, midnight partey qiyam and tadarus? ;) okay. I'm just giving idea.

btw, i found this new page. Well, and old website but I just knew about it. Soo........ I'm taking personality quizzes rn? (haha okay fariy. lame. but its fun in some other way) The title is "Emo, Jock or Nerd?" for a boyfriend. (Um, do I even have a boyfriend. Um, Fazmeer. Does he count? Well, he's a boy and he's my bestfriend) so.... the results is......
"The Emo Kid!(wait. I'm the emo one or him?) Even though he's alone most of the time and he's very shy when it comes to approaching you, (who approach me, come again?) he's sensitive and all the things about him just call out to you. Just get to him first, because emo boys (ohh, the boy) are all known for being good kissers (um no thanks. I prefer to............... have a husband terus?) ;]"

Okay fariy, sejak bila kau amik personality quiz ni? (um maybe pengaruh sekeliling and sometimes it looks like fun?) Umm.. Let just say this is what MRSM students do when they start to get stressed out on their exam.

Tomorrow iftar with the 19 kids. I just want to spend my iftar time with them in peace and enjoy the moment w them. So, i've gotta go study (exam around the corner. 3days before balik cuti raya) so, bye(?)

plus, thanks Hang Li Jo for this picture ;) I love it! 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Teacher's day

Hi again hi again. Back from collage (em, yea.. collage.. we call it that) and its school holiday. Tonnes of assignments to do. and yet I'm still here writing. Well, I really miss writing but I just have no time to write.
So about the title, yea.... on 27th May, I went to well.. My old school to celebrate teachers day w my old teachers. I just miss them so much. They're much more friendly-er than the students at my collage. So yea.. I think that's about it for this entry cuz I'm gonna do my assignments rn

pictures? naaaaah..

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Hey guys :) Hmm, dah lama gila kan tak update blog! Berhabuk mengalahkan rumah terbiar *sapu screen pakai penyapu, mop* Almaklum lah.. Bila wifi dah banggang, baik online pakai hanpung je kaann..  Ceeeh! Hm, berkenaan dgn title aku kali ni "goodbye..!" Hm, bukan goodbye foreber and eber ler. Its just temporary. Aku dapat tawaran pergi mrsm. Alhamdulillah.. c:

Actually, I'm a bit sad bc I'm gonna leave my old school *cough* friends *cough* him *cough* I mean... I've been there for three years and gain so much bitter sweet memories that I really really REALLY don't want to forget. But what can I do bc my bestest buddy is leaving me to sbp so, I've to go too </3 Plus, I really really don't want to leave him. I mean, he just moved back to 19 this year after a year in mrsm kkb. And now, I'm movin to Parit. He's really upset about it and said how much it hurts to stay there. He even said that if there a time machine, he would rather stay in kkb instead of having me leaving him :( Dear AHR, like you said, if we we're meant to be together then, we'll fine ourselves after this. And like what we promise, if you stay, then I'll stay too c:

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm 15!

So hey guys! Lama gila tak update blog. dah berhabuk gila gila laaaaaah *lap screen pakai kain* fuhhh. haaa kan bersih sikit tuu. So, about the title. haha its my birthday today and i'm already 15! yaaaaay :D haha so I took my pmr when I'm 14. HAAAAA B) I'm just awesome like that. So, I just want to say thankyou for those who wish for me much love to them  <3

Just thankyou so much and for those yg takde dalam ni.. I will always remember your wish :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Alhamdulillah. Gonna improve much better for pmr yeah! fighting! c':

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day!

     Heyy there! Assalamualaikum there guys :) How are you? I hope you guys are fine. So, EXAM IS OVER AND ITS HOLIDAYAYAYAY! :D Akhirnyaa! Tibalah masa utk pelajar2 sekolah ye ye ye.. Utk bercuti ye ye ye. Haha. Yay! Freedom! btw, most of the schools celebrate Teacher's Day today right since the students need to face exam. So, I just wanna say HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY! :)
     Harini aku tak pergi sambutan hari guru sekolah aku x) Aku pergi hari guru sekolah rendah duluuuu. Heeeeee x) Tak cayaaa? Seee fohh your self x)

Me and Teacher Lim, my English teacher in standard6
Me and Puan Rohana, my class / Bahasa teacher in standard6
Me and Sir Rashid (( my favorite teacher ever )) ,
my Science teacher in standard5 and 6 
     Still don't believe me? haha your lost x) btw, I just wanna say:
Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers in Malaysia.
To all my teachers in middle and high school, 
Thankyou so much for teaching me to be what I'm right now. 
Iloveyou guys and Imissyou guys! xxx

Monday, May 13, 2013

Kawad Kaki SMKS19

     Heyy guys! Assalamualaikum! :) Waahh! Lamanyaaaaaa aku tak update blog dahh. Dab berhabuk gila dah niii *lap screen pakai hujung lengan baju* Fuhhh ~ okay dahh! Bersih punn. :D
      em, haritu kan, haritu kan berapa hari bulan ehh. Emm.... 27April rasanyaa. Ada pertandingan kawad. Guess what! We got num3 . ((( again ))) haha. Tak caya ehh aku masuk kawad? :p nahh bukti 

me and the girls x)
     Wkwk. :p tu lahh tak caya enn. Tuu, aku yang tengah2 tu. MUKA BARU BANGUN PAGI. haha xD ((( bebek gilaa muka akuu ))) and then and then, ni aku dgn komander last year. Aimonnnnnn


     Haaa, comel en komander kitorg tuu. haha tergoda tak? Haha, dia dah ada makwe k! :p jgn memandai nak amik kena maghah kang dgn awek dia. And then this is the last picture kitorg amik together - gether x)

Our KRS team
     Hahaha, Muhaimin and Aiman was like random gila kan gambar diorg xD cer tgk cikgu kitorg. sempoi gila k cikgu Yati dapat anak murid cengini. :p haha HIDUP KRS! Oh, and and and kitorg ada ujian kenaikkan pangkat tauu bulan6 ni! wish me luck for that test! I really want to be atleast, koperal.. :/ Wish meh luck!
     Okay lah guys! Nak kena pergiii. Lusa periksa! Nak kena studiii x( Wish me luck for my mid year exam ehh. Bye guysss! xx

Saturday, April 13, 2013


This is my Ujian Setara - 1 exam results. Most of them i can ALMOST scores an A.. Careless mistakes.. :/ I'll do my best on my pertengahan. Wish me luck for my mid year exam guys.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Heyyaaa! Assalamualaikum. Selamat petang guysss :) 12/12/12 mmg cantik tarikh hari ni kan? :3 And on this day... We ( as in 2Gm'12 ) plan to do a get-together at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. Yknow... It was ah-mu-zing!! I was a lil tired thoo...

Lebih kurang pukul 8 aku bgn, aku terus smbg buat sandwich tu sorg2. wey. Tak lawak. Aimie ckp dia smpi pukul 930. Aku tunggu punya tunggu pukul 1030 dia smpi. Babunnnn. -..- Then, bila dh smpi, kitorg singgah Big Apple. Aimie beli Big Apple. Aku bawak sandwich je..  -..- then, bila dah smpi sana.. Benda pertama kitorg buat is.... Kitorg main Running Student. Yes dia mcm running man but tukar jd Running Student.  then, aku jd tukang kejar tu... Aku belum tngkap sesiapa lagi aku dah kalah dah. Aku tk suka lari2 ni. Aku nk jd photographer sampingan. xD Luls.. Then, after semua2 tu dah siap..... Kitorg buat tukar2 hadiah. Aku dpt mug je :/ SEDIH. :'( Then, after jamuan kitorg makan2 B)

Nur Nazirah Hani
Fazmeer Farid Azmeen
Aimie Aida and Me !! :)
Buahahahah! xD Btw, see whurt Nurin gave mee!!!! ASDFGHJKL 

THANKYOU SO MUCH NURIN!!!! ILoveYouDarlinnnnnnn!!! :**
Kchiowwww :3

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Heyyyoo! :D  Assalamualaikum. Apa khabar semuaaa? Sihat?  :3 Ughhhh... Lama gila ouh tk blogging. Tak tahu apa nk dicerita kan sebenarnya.. Nothing interesting yg nk diceritakan pun..Yalah. My life pun semua about fangirling kan. Itu punya life twitter saja yg tahuuu. Haaa.. Tp, hari ni ada! :D Topic yg amat lah terpenting bg family Rushers aku x)
Omfg.. I feel proud to say that! :’) dah tiga tahun dah babies aku dalam industry music ni.. Terharu sgt tauuu.... Dah bnyk yg diorg lalui. Haters, Sarah, fake Rushers and bnyk lg. But did they care about it? Tak... Diorg tk kisah.. They always think positive.. I will support them forever :’) 
btw, anyone up for this? ;D

I'm sure I am. 
Happy Anniersary guys xoxo 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Spiderman

Heyyoo! Assalamuaikum! Waaaaazzzzzzzzzza! Hawaaa yeww guys? Cuti sudah mendatang kan? *winkwink* Happy Holidays yaww! Okay lah. Today entry is about a very special man in my life bday.... Based on the title ... Maybe korg akan teragk2, who the fuck is Spiderman rite. Maybe korg pikir pelakon cerita Spiderman tu kan? Okay. The fact is. It is not. Bukan.
     Okay. Today... Is ... KENDALL'S BIRTHDAY! We call them our Spiderman because he just love spiderman. <333 He's turning 22 this year. OMFG! My baby gettin old. But, idc! He will always and forever be my bby. <33333
Some of the picture to prove that I celebrated his bday!

ILoveYouMySpiderman :*

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Holla! :D Assalamualikum! Waazzaa!!! Apa khabar? Lol. Sumpah lama gila doh tak blogging! Dekat sebulan lah katakan.. Its Oct31st already. Oh, btw, Happy Halloween! :D btw, talking about freedom.... ITS ALREADY SCHOOL BREAK! Cuti sudah datang bhaaa. But, ni cuma freedom cuma sementara maaaa. Tahun depan PMR. T__T Sedih, sedih. :/ Btw, Happy Holidays! :D

Happyh Holiday! :D Enjoy your fangirling live. ;D

Friday, September 14, 2012


Waazzaaaa guys!!! :D Heyheyhey! Wsupp? Me? Nothing.. Heh.. Mana salam aku doo? Assalamualaikum. :) Haawaayouu guys? Sihat? Ummm.. Aku baru balik sekolah. Belum makan lagi. Hari ni aku tak makan BiskutRoda pun. T^T sbb tak pergi kantin tdi. Sobsob. I'll miss you my BiskutRoda. Kita jumpa hari Selasa k? :D
     K. Back to the main point. "HappyBirthdayBoy" Umm... What do you think? Who's bday is it today? hmm.. *winkwink* welp. Maybe if you guys a Rusher. you guys should know. But, if not.... ITS LOGAN'S BDAY TODAY GUYS! :D Whoopwhoop! :D My LogieBear is now 23! Happy Birthday Logan! I know maybe your not reading this but hey! Happy Birthday! :D We Rushers hope you'll be forking happy today! Enjoy your day! :D
  Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu,
Happy Birthday to youuuuuu,
Happy Birthday to Logan,
Happy Birthday to youu. 


THIS BOY IS NOW 23! Whoopwhoop!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's wrong with me?

Hello! Assalamualikum. Hey guys. Apa khabar. I mis my bloggg. T~T What's up guys? Sorry aa lama tak blogging. Busy dgn latihan padang hari tu aa. Korg tgk tak?? Persembahan padang waktu merdeka. Aku jd teletubies warna putih tuuu :3 TELETUBIES WEYH! Dgn muka skema dia. Baju masuk dalam. Wey! Rasa skema sekejap! Jatuh maruah wey! Jatuh! T^^^T  Heh. btw, smbng balik ke topic utama. . "What's wrong with me? "
Its actually abt me. Hmmm... :/ Sometimes. I just feel like "WTF man. What is the main reason I was born in this planet actually? Is it just to be a burden to everyone.? " tsktsk. Really? I'm a burden to you guys rite? Just tell me guys. Please. Idky guys........ Its looks like everybody is avoiding me. :/ I'm a toy rite? I'm just useless!!! ~!@#$%^&*()_+ I hate my life! And yes. I'M INVISIBLE!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eid's is coming :D

     Its gonna be end of Ramadan 3more days. Well.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. :) Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Aku mnx maaf klu selama ni aq ada sakitkn hati korg. Well. Nobody's perfect rite? Well. Except for my BTR boys. xD Harhar. Okay. Sorry for this short entry. Really. Tho. Need to go. :D Byeee

Well. Got it from google :D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its over :')

     Assalamualaikum. Selamat sejahtera and selamat malam semua! Oh lupa.... Selamat berpuasa. Harhar. Korg semua buka apa ni td? Aq makan nasi dagang je. Tp, sikit je aq luak.... Hmm.. Puasa ni ada yg puasa penuh tak setakat ni? Yang perempuan tu aq faham la.. yg lelaki? Lol. Mesti semua penuh kan...
     Okay lah.. Berkaitan dengan entry aq kali ni "Its Over" Hurmmm..  19/06/11 and 09/08/12 aq takkan dapat melupakan dua tarikh yang bermakna sangat buat aku... Sebab.. Mulai sekarang. Aq dgn Mr. Nobody aq...... Kitorg tiada hubungan lagi. :) And I'm strong. Aku kuat.
     Terima kasih awak sebab dah bagi saya peluang utk mencintai awak. Saya tak akan lupakan kenangan kita bersama. Saya akan cuba sayang awak mcm mana saya janji kat awak dulu. saya tak kisah kalau saya perasan sorg2. Yg saya tahu.. Saya pegang janji saya. Walaupun saya tak sayang awak sebagai kekasih. Saya akan sayang awak sebagai kawan saya. :') Terima kasih awak.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Dear heart,
Can you give yourself a break?
I know that I need you in my life but...
Please, just once...
Just have a little break.
I don't want you too get hurt anymore.
If you're hurt, I'm hurt too.
You are a part of me.
And important part of me,
Please, have a little break.

Dear heart,
Give yourself a break.
You suffer too much
I don't want you too suffer anymore.
You are one of a kind,
I'll never find something better than you.
You are really important to me.
I'll be needing you later.
If you break yourself now....
You'll will regret it in the future.
Please, just give yourself a break.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hari Koperasi!

     Assalamualikum guys! :D Apa khabar semuaa? Korg dah makan? lol. aq makan telur kacau je. tak lapar k :) Oky lah.. Abt today's entry... Act, event ni berlangsung smlm.. Smlm cuma malas nk update.. so hari ni lah aq update.
    Semalam morning, aq bangun lmbt.. so agk2 lah kan... Msti lah lmbt prgi sekolah.. after aq siap so what ever kt rumah, aq terus rushing g skolah. Then, spi sekolah, aq terus g booth tau... Tp en, sadis gila bhai. aq lari mcm org gila last2, yasmon sorg je smpi kt situ.. -..- bittccchhhh. Then, aq lepen jap kt situ smbil gosip sikit dgn Nurin abt Wishal. Then, bila Nurin blah g bilik kaunseling aq pun blah g bus stop tunggu Leeya. WEYH! tak lambat tau dia sampi! Dia suruh tunggu kt bus stop pukul 7.30 tau.. Nak tahu tak dia smpi pukul berapa.. pukul 8 weyh! Tak lama tau.. setengah jam.. Alah.. SEKEJAP je tu :3 Aq mmg sayang kawe aq sorg tu.. Al maklum la... Scandal aq kan. -..- Okay. Then bila Leeya dah smpi sana.. Dia suruh aq tlg angkat barang dia.. Tp, Leeya angkat separuh jalan je sbb dia kena pergi bilik kaunseling for acting gimik apa bnda tah for opening act. :)
     Then, after opening act selesai aq blah dulu, sebenarnya bnyk lagi persembahan ada... tp, aq tak tgk sbb kena tlg member lain niaga.. Kitorg semangat rekreasi tauu! :D
Ni Nurin ! :D
Meet Leeya! She's mahh scandall! :D
     Haha xD Yg lain aq bukan kes tak amik gmba.. Cuma malas nk uploaddd xD Nurin tu mmg semangat pki baju cntik. Dia tak bawak baju tukar lepas opening act tu.. mmg, aq mmg sayang sgt dgn nurin tu.. :D
     Kitorg lepak kt taman.. Me, Kak Syelis, Kak Tika, Kak Khatty, Adam and Hazman. :D

Ini Adam. Dia mmg suka buat kerja gila wey.
Ini Adam and Kak Khatty. Sweet kan diorg. :3
Okay. Mak jealous xP
Ini Kak Tika ! :D
Ini kak Syelis. :3
Ouh.. With beats abg xD
     Haha xD Tbh kan, gmba Syelis tu aq amik kt sekolah.. Aq tk de amik gmb dia kt taman.  k lah guys.. I miss my twitter already.... Byebye! Blogg you guys laterrrhh! :D

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hari Terbuka

     Assalamualaikum guys ! Wazzaa! Semua tgh buat apa nie? Bosan tak? Me pun bosan lahh.. Sep sikit *high-five* k. aq perasan sorg.. Anyway... Berdasarkan entry aq kali ni msti korg tahu kan. :D Actually, Hari Terbuka ni di handle semalam (29/6/12) Tp, hari ni baru masukkan.. Tak pe lah. smlm penat lahh xD K.. Pagi2 tu, aq bangun macam biasa... Then, siap2 aq g rumah Bilah. pergi sama2 lah... Then... Lepas dia siap kitorg terus g sekolah. Act, dah kira lmbt kot. Bila kitorg dtg tu.. 5minit lepas tu kut... Parents Adam Aziz dtg.. *kira Pak Cik Aziz lah ni* xD Kitorg punya lah kelam-kabut buat kerja.. Sbb kitorg tk prepared apa2 pun kt kelas tu.! Semua tunggang langgang. 

Then, hias punya hias. siap lah jugak ! HAHA XD then time tgh lepak2 tu.. aq buat lah kerja gila aq! Amik gmba pelajar2 stres kena marah ! xD 

Aisyah Munir
Fazmeer Azmeen
Adam Azza

HAHA XD Kan muka diorg tu ! *kenpa muka aq tk de?* sbb aq tk bgthu mak aq! xD Saya anak yg baik. mmg lah tk bgthu mak aq.. :D Sokay lah kan! Akhir tahun nnti bgthu lah mk aq. Aq tk bgthu mk aq sbb result aq teruk gilaaaa kut. 7B1D. KAN ! A tak de.. C tak de terus lompat D.. >.< BUAT MALU KRK SEYHHH !.. Klah guys! Until here! Nk baiki twitter ni kjp. Byebye !

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fell unwanted....

Salam guys. Tgh buat apa tu?? Just tweeting.. Why there's no facebook-ing..? I HATE FACEBOOK ! :) Facebook makes me think of..... Idk that dude? Heh.. Berdasarkan entry ni... Its actually about BTRM.. Kan dulu aq puja2 sgt BTRM ni.. ckp harmoni.. Tak de gaduh or so what ever kan.. But now?? Idk.. That group is in a mess because of me.. Heh.. Mmg lah aq admin dia... Tp, masalahnya skrngg.. Ada sorg mamat ni.... Dia yg memyebabkan ALL OF THE OTHERS members tersingkir and tk dpt perhatian.. Sbb kau nk tahu sbb apa.. Sbb dua hari lepas.. Aq post kt mamat tu.. : *his name* please stop posting all of this nonsense at BTRM can ya? just post it here *in an other group. Thenn. you know what... Mamat tu terus merajuk smpi mengada2 leave BTRM. -.- Maaflah ye.. Disebabkan aq.. Kau leave BTRM. yelah. Kau kan famous.. Aq nie? MANUSIA KELAS BAWAH YG NMPK HINA BG KAU KAN ! Ye aq tahu... kau leave dlm snyp but... yg kau suruh Sara*** post "RIP ********** from BTRM blah3" tu kenapa? Tu kira snyp ke? LOL BITCH ! Then.. Mula2 dia berpura2 lah mnx maaf kt aq.. last skli.. -.- Dia buat screen shot post kt blog aq yg lagi satu tu..... *aq dah delete post tu* Then.. dia tweet kt minah mana tah aq tk kenal. Org famous yg kenal dia lah kut.. Dia nk malukan aq.. Okay dude.. AQ BUAT BLOG ! BLOG TAK FAMOUS ! KAU BUAT KAT TWITTER ! FAHAM TAK ! TWITTER ! LAGI OPEN ! KAU MMG SENGAJA KAN ! BABI ! Kau sengaja nk hina kan aq! AQ TAHU BTRM MEMBERS NK BNCI AQ DAH KAN ! KAU HASUT LAH DIORG TERUS BIAR BNCI AQ SMPI BILA ! Sekian Terima kasih.. -.-