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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Hey guys :) Hmm, dah lama gila kan tak update blog! Berhabuk mengalahkan rumah terbiar *sapu screen pakai penyapu, mop* Almaklum lah.. Bila wifi dah banggang, baik online pakai hanpung je kaann..  Ceeeh! Hm, berkenaan dgn title aku kali ni "goodbye..!" Hm, bukan goodbye foreber and eber ler. Its just temporary. Aku dapat tawaran pergi mrsm. Alhamdulillah.. c:

Actually, I'm a bit sad bc I'm gonna leave my old school *cough* friends *cough* him *cough* I mean... I've been there for three years and gain so much bitter sweet memories that I really really REALLY don't want to forget. But what can I do bc my bestest buddy is leaving me to sbp so, I've to go too </3 Plus, I really really don't want to leave him. I mean, he just moved back to 19 this year after a year in mrsm kkb. And now, I'm movin to Parit. He's really upset about it and said how much it hurts to stay there. He even said that if there a time machine, he would rather stay in kkb instead of having me leaving him :( Dear AHR, like you said, if we we're meant to be together then, we'll fine ourselves after this. And like what we promise, if you stay, then I'll stay too c: