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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rusher sister Syafiqah Asri

Heyyo! Assalamualikum guys! Selamat sejahtera dan salam 1Malaysia. Good Morning guys! *wktu ni pg. so senyap je* Semua dah pecah laju? belum? klu belum pergi lah makan. I'm blogging while eating my pecah laju. makan meggi je. kguys ! back to the main topic. "Rusher Sister Syafiqah Asri" okay! for post hari ni pulak I'm gonna story a lil bit about my Rusher Sister Syafiqah or I always call me Iqa. Who is this Syafiqah dude. Well .. she is this adorable girl lahh !

Syafiqah Asri
Okay guys! This adorable girl is my Rusher Sister Syafiqah Asri . Aq akn cerita kan about dia sikit ye. Okay. Nama penuh dia Nur Syafiqah binti Mohd Asri. Dia dia lahirkan pada 2 Mac 1997 di Johor. So, she is a Johorian. xD well. As Amiza. I also know her from BTRM . and since then we had become best friend. She is a very nice girl. And his heart belongs to AH and Logan Henderson from the band Big Time Rush. As for Syafiqah this is for you

Dear Syafiqah Asri :
Thanks for being my friend.
Even though we haven't meet, 
Its nice knowing ya. 
And so all the BTRM members.
You guys are always beside me when I need
you guys the most.
And thanks for supporting / teach me 
how to fangirl-ing every day.
I will never forget those moments together
Sincerely ~ FariySchmidt

Okay guys! cukup ayat jiwang2 karat aq tu smpi sini. for those yang nk meng-add Syafiqah add her here --> Syafiqah Asri and follow her twitter --> @AnakEnAsri and follow her blog --> Dudluv's Monologue 
p/s : Aq pembaca tegar blog dia! xDDD 

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