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Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Spiderman

Heyyoo! Assalamuaikum! Waaaaazzzzzzzzzza! Hawaaa yeww guys? Cuti sudah mendatang kan? *winkwink* Happy Holidays yaww! Okay lah. Today entry is about a very special man in my life bday.... Based on the title ... Maybe korg akan teragk2, who the fuck is Spiderman rite. Maybe korg pikir pelakon cerita Spiderman tu kan? Okay. The fact is. It is not. Bukan.
     Okay. Today... Is ... KENDALL'S BIRTHDAY! We call them our Spiderman because he just love spiderman. <333 He's turning 22 this year. OMFG! My baby gettin old. But, idc! He will always and forever be my bby. <33333
Some of the picture to prove that I celebrated his bday!

ILoveYouMySpiderman :*

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