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Friday, July 11, 2014

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

So, hi again! I'm back in the house! I'm home now. Until 15July. Got cuti for Nuzul Quran. So, like the title "Salam Ramadhan al- Mubarak" I just want to say Salam Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends. In this blessful month, let us make some good deeds to got more pahala aye? For examp, midnight partey qiyam and tadarus? ;) okay. I'm just giving idea.

btw, i found this new page. Well, and old website but I just knew about it. Soo........ I'm taking personality quizzes rn? (haha okay fariy. lame. but its fun in some other way) The title is "Emo, Jock or Nerd?" for a boyfriend. (Um, do I even have a boyfriend. Um, Fazmeer. Does he count? Well, he's a boy and he's my bestfriend) so.... the results is......
"The Emo Kid!(wait. I'm the emo one or him?) Even though he's alone most of the time and he's very shy when it comes to approaching you, (who approach me, come again?) he's sensitive and all the things about him just call out to you. Just get to him first, because emo boys (ohh, the boy) are all known for being good kissers (um no thanks. I prefer to............... have a husband terus?) ;]"

Okay fariy, sejak bila kau amik personality quiz ni? (um maybe pengaruh sekeliling and sometimes it looks like fun?) Umm.. Let just say this is what MRSM students do when they start to get stressed out on their exam.

Tomorrow iftar with the 19 kids. I just want to spend my iftar time with them in peace and enjoy the moment w them. So, i've gotta go study (exam around the corner. 3days before balik cuti raya) so, bye(?)

plus, thanks Hang Li Jo for this picture ;) I love it! 

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