Kehilangan merupakan sebahagian daripada kehidupan. Tiada siapa yang akan dapat apa yang mereka inginkan melainkan, mereka hilang apa yang mereka inginkan :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Dear heart,
Can you give yourself a break?
I know that I need you in my life but...
Please, just once...
Just have a little break.
I don't want you too get hurt anymore.
If you're hurt, I'm hurt too.
You are a part of me.
And important part of me,
Please, have a little break.

Dear heart,
Give yourself a break.
You suffer too much
I don't want you too suffer anymore.
You are one of a kind,
I'll never find something better than you.
You are really important to me.
I'll be needing you later.
If you break yourself now....
You'll will regret it in the future.
Please, just give yourself a break.

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